danish cuisineEvery country has its distinctive cuisine, and Denmark is no different. From appetizers to main meal and desserts, you can get a variety of options for delicious food and specialties. You can take a tour tasting traditional Danish dishes, as it presents an excellent way to fill your stomach and learn about the Danish history and culture. Although Denmark is mostly green, its capital is a thriving metropolis. The amazing city is home to a lot of great foods that everyone should try.


Smørrebrød are open faced sandwiches with toppings such as smoked salmon, hard boiled eggs, and sourdough rye bread together with sliced radishes. They started as an affordable midday meal for locals and factory workers. The now classic Smørrebrød hit the stride in the 19th century and eventually lost its fashionable status. In 2006, Adam Aamann opened the Aamanns Takeaway and transformed this meal. Since then Smørrebrød is served in both traditional and its modest forms and has become a major dish and trend in many Copenhagen restaurants.


When you are in Denmark, you must get a hot dog from the street vendors. Pølsevogn is a Danish word for a hot dog that is found nearly at every corner in Copenhagen. There are two different types of hot dogs that you can get on the streets of Copenhagen. The first one is the riset hot dog that comes inside a bun and is topped up with pickled cucumbers, crispy mustard onions, ketchup and sweet mayonnaise. The other type is the franskdog that has a hollowed out baguette and filled with tangy mayo and other tasty stuff inside. Whichever type of hot dog you choose, they are both delicious and very cheap.


Grød which can be referred to as porridge is an affordable dish that is good for the soul. It is a hearty meal and one of the oldest types of Nordic foods. The recipe goes beyond the typical rice and oatmeal and has whole grain medley of different flavors that combine to change with seasons. Visitors get a chance to enjoy spelled porridge with chestnut puree, toasted almonds or freeze-dried cranberries. Best of all, the dish is pocket-friendly for everyone.


Frikadeller are traditional Danish meatballs that are usually served with rye bread and red cabbage. They are plain and so delicious, though they can be mixed with marinara sauce if you so need. They are closer to a meat patty in shape. They are neatly packed in flavored packages and can be highly addictive.


As the word can loosely be translated, Millionbøf means a million steaks in English. Millionbøf is a Danish beef that is cut into many small pieces. The dish is commonly served over pasta or rice and mashed potatoes. Different restaurants have their recipe for seasoning. This recipe in many times includes onions, paprika, and pepper. It can also be made in a pot with sweet pepper, onions, corn or mashed potatoes. If you are in a restaurant and come across a meal of Millionbøf, you need to give the dish a try.