denmarkChances are you have not been to Denmark because its a country often overshadowed by neighboring Scandinavian giants of Sweden and Norway. Besides this, Denmark is a country of modest size offering everything a visitor may need. There are dynamic cities with beautiful beaches, is full of Viking history, has modern arts and medieval castles for good measure. Denmark is well developed and touring the country is quite easy. If you are coming from the States and used to luxurious travels such as, you are bound to find others of equal measure when you arrive at Copenhagen

If you want to get a glimpse of the awesome Scandinavian way of life with pure relaxation, you need to put Denmark on your tour list. There are stunning landscapes, great culture, vivid nightlife and lots of experiences. Here are some important reasons you should book a ticket to Denmark right away.

Museums and Galleries

Denmark has a lot of museums and galleries that cover a lot of art movements spanning different eras. From its Danish Golden Age to the contemporary arts of Vikings’ society and sailors’ lives, Denmark has a lot in offering. The Copenhagen’s and Aarhus’ culture stand out. Visitors can find a lot of museums and art galleries that showcase unique masterpieces of the Danish culture.

Renaissance Castles

Denmark Christiansborg Copenhagen Castle GovernmentWhen you visit Denmark, you are bound to witness the renaissance castles and modern architectural buildings. Renaissance palaces and Baroque castles have stood since the time might kings ruled the country. Modern architectural structures sprouting from the 21st century have taken over the city to create an elegant and diverse facade of Denmark. Every corner presents the long history of this beautiful country. The remarkable buildings have architectural styles and interiors designed to showcase the different eras and periods the country went through.


At Denmark, you can bike anywhere. This country is one of the ideal destinations for biking. It is flat and has an excellent infrastructure, with well-developed bike routes that are specially designed for cycling. When you visit the country, you can rent a bike and explore different sites and hidden corners. The country is small, and it is possible to take a bike and discover the neighboring cities. There are multiple campsites along the way with shops to take a break and interact with other nature lovers.

Happiest Nation

Denmark gives visitors a chance to discover why it’s one of the happiest countries. The tranquil and peaceful scenes of the country make it unique. Visitors get a lot of surprises when they discover that life in the city doesn’t mean traffic jams, car hooting or people crowded on walkways. At Denmark, life has a different rhythm. It is a country that has been ranked first by the UN World Happiness Report, three separate times.

When you travel to North Jutland, you can experience a unique natural scene. It is the spot where two different seas meet. Millions of tourists head to this remote city to witness that unique phenomenon and see two strong currents created from this union.