cyclingDenmark is located in Northern Europe between Sweden and German. It is a moderately small town known for its Viking Heritage. It is a modern and progressive country known to have the happiest people on earth. Denmark gives its visitors a lot of options for adventure. You may not find record-breaking waterfalls or insurmountable mountain ranges, but still, there is a natural world waiting for your exploration.

Cycling is hugely popular and a great way to traverse the islands. Hiking is another great way to pass the time and exercise and is found over a moderate range of distance in three different national parks. Though its summer can be considered short, the country enjoys very safe beaches. For those looking forward to playing a part in outdoor activities, here are some sports this country offers.

Biking Adventure

If you love to ride, then Denmark is the place to be. Nowhere in Denmark can you find a high number of quality rental mountain bikes and road bikes. The country offers a lot, not just biking. You can find professional guides with expert trail and trip advice. These guides will lead you through stunning forests and coarse terrains to satisfy any level. If you prefer quads, the Denmark’s terrains present an excellent spot for biking. Visitors coming from the States will find an equivalent of Manassas Tow Truck in case you get stuck with a quad at the forest. So whenever you are in Copenhagen and want to experience the incredible countryside, ensure you go on a biking tour.

Canal Tours

canal toursMost Canal Tours begin in Nyhavn, which is a bustling and true picturesque harbor. You will find guided tours which present a relatively cheap way of seeing Copenhagen. Many trips happen through the use of boats. Many tourists take the canal tours to be able to see capital from a different perspective. Most of these tours are guided in both Danish and England, with some departures having a third language. Canal tours include Trekroner Tour, where visitors sail to Trekroner to discover the best of the island.

Porpoise and Seal Watching

Around the coast of Denmark, there are many seal colonies on rocks and small islands. You can visit some of these islands by use of boats. When you get to these destinations, you will be able to see seals and porpoises popping up all around the Danish coastline. The most common seals are the spotted ones, but if you are lucky, you will be able to see the rare gray one. Seals are inquisitive and shy, and accessing them may sometimes be restricted. Denmark has several sealariums for those who would like to get a closer look at these underwater creatures.

Amber Hunting

Amber is the Nordic gold which can be found along the Denmark’s coastline. Some people have a rare eye for this gold. Chances of getting these little gems hidden on the beach are high during the season where surfing is biggest. Ambers are small lumps of ancient resin that get washed up from the sea floor.