One of the most fulfilling experiences I get is taking time off West Palm Beach tow truck and head to Las Vegas for vacation. Life in Las Vegas is all about luxury, for big bucks you are guaranteed to be spoiled and pampered like nowhere else in the world. The super-rich go to the sin city for a taste of its magnificent hotels and casinos. But Las Vegas is more than the gambling that goes on in the expensive casinos along the strip. There are luxurious experiences that will sit well with family and business personal.

Family Fun

Experience a private tour of the Grand Canyon. Picture yourself flying in your private helicopter from the Vegas strip to the heat of the Nevada desert while flying over the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Damn. The flight is about one and half hours. You land inside the Canyon on your private spot and take the rest of the tour in an SUV, hiking and ground sightseeing with your own guide. Later having lunch in a luxury restaurant in the Canyon.

Fantastic Foods

When it comes to food, you can go through the world delicacy in Las Vegas. From high-flying French to Japanese Izakaya to South American chili-spices, Atlantic halibut cheeks, Iberico ham, Russian caviar and Japanese wagyū ground sirloin sandwich all rub shoulders on the creative mix menu of little plates. At a sophisticated, worldly take on a tape bar in Mandalay Bay with chef Hubert Keller. 

Shows and Concerts

 Las Vegas theaters are better known to be venues for the biggest earning shows in the world, and they have a pretty amazing atmosphere. One of them is the ‘O’ shoe that is one of the shows with the most attendance and most expensive tickets in the city. If you want to stand out in your style, you can get to watch the shows at a VIP suite that accommodates at least four persons. The most extraordinary view of the stage is from the balcony seats that are the most expensive in the house.


Las Vegas has been home to great golf courses since the early fifties. The game greatest players have played their trade at these grounds from Dean Martin and his Rat Pack to Tiger Woods and his PGA Tour. The Vegas golf has a high -quality layout, desert courses, and the green parkland golf, the area offers all luxurious experiences and most expensive greens fees.  

Galleries and Museums

Not many will view Vegas as a city the cherish art, bit contrary to that there are top -notch galleries and museums in the town along the strip and off it. The Origen Museum is such place where you get to learn about Nevada’s history. It has a rotation exhibit and indoor theater where local artists showcase their work. Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art is a nonprofit museum established in 2002.The museum is dedicated to showcasing artistic work of both locals and international artists.

Business Opportunities

Like many American great city Las Vegas has a great environment that offers numerous Business Opportunities to potential investors. You might even find a local ready to sell his for a reasonable price. With the growing number of its population and tourist visiting the city there is a large market waiting to be tapped by a good entrepreneurial idea.