DenmarkFrom being a little known country, this ancient heartland of the Viking Kingdom has popped out into an international cultural powerhouse. Denmark is incredibly fascinating in everything, with beautiful parks, foods, beaches, language, people and of course different places to visit and festivals. Denmark has a lot of charms and has apparently become a global audience. The country boasts beautiful fairly-tale castles, glorious beaches, lush forests, temperate climate and very friendly people.

Starting a business in Denmark is also fairly straightforward. Whichever legal business you aspire, be it  towing service, shipping, tech-related, name them all. If you are not a citizen of the Nordic countries, you have to apply for a residence or work permit to be self employed. Besides business, there are a lot of place to tour for visitors looking forward to vacationing. Denmark bridges the cultural and geographic gap between Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Here are sure spots you need to visit once you tour Denmark.


Calm, relaxed and sophisticated, Copenhagen deserves every respect to be a 21st century Scandinavian capital. This city can be found as it faces Malmo across the Oresund Strait. It raises against the rollers of the Baltic Sea. The capital plays home to more than one million Danes and a host of other neighbors. Right at the heart of the capital there is a web of narrow streets where you can find notable iconic buildings and restaurants. There is never any dull moment when you get to this metropolitan capital.

Trivoli Gardens

trivoli gardensTrivoli Gardens is one of the Europe’s best known tourist attractions. These pleasure gardens were established in 1843. They provide a place to see excellent blooms and they have become an essential social center. They play a creative outlet for many performing troupes. Tourists visit these gardens for amusement rides, for shopping and dining at the restaurants. The gardens also plays host to many seasonal festivals attracting many crowds.

Frederiksborg Palace

Frederiksborg Palace is situated in the middle of a lake and hosts the museum of National History. This museum has existed on the site since 1878. The castle of Frederiksborg was constructed during the early part of the 17th century. It was home to one of Denmark’s well known monarchs, King Christian IV. Visitors can tour the halls of the castle and see the different collections of artworks. When you visit the castle, be sure to cross the boat and see the lovely gardens that sit on the other side of the lake.

Skagen Beaches

Denmark is a country boasting more than 5,000 miles of coastline. This is among the primary reasons people choose to go on vacation around Skagen, to spend their days as they relax on the beaches. Skagen has a very lovely shoreline that is windswept and desolate. You can also visit the 19th century school to view the artistic work of Skagen painters. Another cool place to visit is the Rabjerg Mile which is Denmark’s largest moving sand dune, and a church that is completely buried in sand except the barely visible steeple.